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Hurdles for robot building Nepal- Part 1 – Finding the motor

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During the college days the robotics was done with wiper motor( motor used in the wiper of a car).That was the only feasible motor available in the market.On those days,we used to hear about brushed motor, brushless motor, servo motor and many more but then we did not got chance to see those.At the first International event we participated, we could see those all motors.

This incident is focused on challenging robotics of 54.5 kg.This robot is for fighting purpose of one-t0-one fight.For this the first thing will be motor of high torque and high RPM.And again the big problem in Nepali market.The motor are being found here for robotics but not that would hold 54.5 kg. Again we went back to old school time.Hunt for motor started and no possible motor was to be found and then suddenly electric scooter came in mind.The motor used in electric scooter is DC motor and we know it carries weight so it do got torque and as well as it runs so it do got high RPM so this motor is kind of motor we needed.

The very first e-bike company we visited was Terra Motors in DurbarMarg. The chief technician of that company showed us the motor used in Japanese electric scooter.The motor we saw there was a out-runner motor but we were searching for in-runner motor (out runner motor has shaft fixed and rotating body whereas in runner motor has fixed body and shaft rotating).We went to second hand bike shop to look after motor and we saw starter motor (motor that is used to start the motorcycle after self start is pressed).

DC Motor Found in Nepal

  1. Electric scooter out-runner motor : The diameter of motor was 40 cm, the breadth was 25 cm and the weight was around 8 kg.Power from 350 Watt to 800 Watt.
  2. Electric scooter in-runner motor : Diameter 15 cm, breadth 25cm and weight 7 kg.Power 2500 watt
  3. Electric Cycle out-runner motor: The diameter of motor was around 15 cm, the breadth was 15 cm and the weight was 6 kg.Power from 250 Watt to 350 Watt.
  4. Starter In-runner Motor : 6 cm diameter, 10 cm length and shaft length 3 cm.Low torque and High rpm without gear.
  5. Wiper In-runner Motor : 10 cm diameter, 10 cm length and shaft length 4 cm.High torque and Low rpm
  6. DC motors: small size of 4 cm length, 3 cm diameter and RPM vary Torque vary.